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Thanks to our guidance, you can bypass extensive research, time-consuming familiarization, and potential dead ends to efficiently and effectively achieve your goals, tailored to your company’s needs. 

At Syliom, we possess extensive expertise in obsolescence and spare parts management. 

Our services in lifecycle, obsolescence, and material compliance encompass: 

  •     Initial consultation 
  •     As-is analysis  
  •     Value flow analysis 
  •     Inclusion of production facilities and infrastructure 
  •     Process design, documentation and manual 
  •     Drafting contracts with suppliers and customers 
  •     End-to-end digitalisation (including smartPCN) 
  •     Specification and evaluation of tools 
  •     Introduction and training 
  •     Operational implementation on a temporary basis, management of service providers 

Your advantages: 

  •     Digital, lean and stringent 
  •     Execution by experienced Syliom partners 
  •     Company-wide acceptance 
  •     Practical implementation and simple application 
  •     Reduction of the overall effort 
  •     Clear, comprehensible processes 
  •     Compliant with standards (e.g. IEC62402), auditable 

Lifecycle, obsolescence, and material management are successful when the company’s internal approach is integrated into daily operations, supported by networked processes. Syliom offers a toolbox of methods for effective and sustainable implementation in the long term.